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November 28, 2009

Hi!  Thanks for coming!  I’m starting this blog to share info and stories about some of my projects.  Once a month I’ll publish info about some cool project I’m involved with, or stories from interesting gigs I’ve done in the past.  I’ll try to give you guys a balance of anecdotes, technical insight and information that might even be useful.  After 23 years of career, I’ve accumulated quite a few stories.  From doing sound for a ballet company in Cuba, to working with famous celebrities in studios in Miami, to building speakers out of PVC pipes for a theater play in NYC.  I hope I can dig out enough cool stories from my past, as well as build new great experiences from upcoming gigs to keep you guys entertained.

My first post includes a pretty exciting piece of news about a recent event in my career.  Written by Mix Magazine NYC editor/SonicScoop.com co-founder, David Weiss.

At the end of the article you can listen to one of the mixes I did in the album mentioned here.


NYC-Based Audio Pro Shares in Group’s Latin GRAMMY Win for ‘Best Alternative Music Album’

In the Studio With the Band. Photo by Yker Moreno (www.djspinbalon.com)

NEW YORK: Mixer/engineer Marcelo Aňez (www.justasong.com) recently celebrated his latest award, capturing the Latin GRAMMY® for his role in Los Amigos Invisibles 2009 album Commercial. The win, which was in the category of “Best Alternative Music Album”, represents the fourth GRAMMY award of Aňez’ adventurous career.

Aňez engineered all of the tracks and also mixed two songs (“Vivire Para Ti” and “In Luv With U”) on Commercial, the sixth studio album from the celebrated Latin disco/funk group. “I was a big fan of the band before meeting them,” says Aňez. “Aside from the fact that we’re from the same country, I always loved their sound and concept. I remember telling a friend once, years before I met the group, ‘I hope I get to work with a band I love as much as those guys.’ There’s nothing like mixing work with pleasure.”

A native of Venezuela who compiled a solid track record of engineering and mixing hit records in Miami (Gloria Estefan, Shakira, Ricky Martin, Thalia, Jennifer Lopez, Jon Secada, Carlos Vives), the now NYC-based Aňez applied his distinct mix of engineering and people skills to the Commercial sessions at NYC’s famed Magic Shop.

“The band wanted to get as much of a live performance as one can get inside a studio,” he explains. “With all these old classic microphones and tube compressors and pre-amps, I was in heaven. I also made a point of making each one feel comfortable at their post.  For example, I had set up bassist el Catire’s bass amp inside this small booth, so I could mic the cabinet, play it loud and still isolate it from the other instruments, but I had set up a chair outside for him to play in the main space where everybody else was.

“He actually got really excited about being inside that little room with his bass sound playing that loud, and asked, ‘Can’t I stay in here while we record?’ So of course, I accommodated him. Those things are so important to get the most out of a musician.”

Album cover

Aňez sought-after mix skills made him one of a select team of top mixers chosen by the band to sculpt the album’s vivid tracks. “I know I would’ve done a great job mixing the whole thing,” he says, “but when you hear a Los Amigos Invisibles album, you always have this feel that a DJ is mixing a set for you, so it makes sense to have the sound of different mixers.  Two of the band members actually are DJs, so that’s another important color in the band’s pallet.”

Marcelo Aňez feels a special satisfaction in his fourth GRAMMY win. “Some projects simply touch you more than others,” he concludes. “This project wasn’t only fun, these guys are my friends and I really felt this was somehow also ‘my’ project. I was really proud of this work, long before we got nominated, so the award means that much more.”

About Marcelo Aňez:

With over 20 years experience engineering and mixing, Marcelo Aňez is based in New York City. His career, which began in Caracas, Venezuela and continued in Miami, includes GRAMMY wins for his work with Gloria Estefan (“Best Traditional Tropical Latin Album 2000”), Shakira on MTV Unplugged (“Best Latin Pop Album 2000”), and Thalia, (Latin GRAMMY “Best Engineering 2001”). His expertise also includes sound design for theater, sound applied to art, audio post-production for TV, radio and independent films.

For more information, please visit www.justasong.com.
Contact: Marcelo Aňez, marcelo1@justasong.com

Listen to one of the mixes I did for the album.  The song is called “”Vivire Para ti”, written by Mauricio Arcas and Jose Luis Pardo.  This is actually a duet with guest singer Natalia Lafourcade.  It was produced by Los Amigos Invisibles and Dimitri from Paris.


Next Post:  I’ll go more in-depth into the production process of this album, with the Q&A with David Weiss in preparation for this article, more behind-the-scene photos, and other music samples.

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